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Pat Danforth - Living the Dream & Home on the Lake - 2012

Lucky Me!

Jumping into Life - MK Web Article - 2004

Love, Leadership, Legacy - NSD Article on Web Site - 2006

Pat Danforth - NSD Story

Paychecks of the Heart


Decisive Leadership - LC 2006

Seminar 2007 - The Mary Kay Way

Leadership 2007 - Got the T-Shirt

Seminar 2008 - We've Come a Long Way

Seminar 2009 - Simple Success of Stars

Seminar 2010 - I Had No Idea

Seminar 2011 - Decide to Overcome Your Fears

Lucky Me - Seminar 2012 - P.Danforth


Poem - Comfort Zone

Poem - Don't Quit!

Poem - Magic Carpet

Poem - Maybe She Needs Me

Poem - Success Is The Sum

Poem - Tree

Poem - Tree Poem with Pic & Article

Free Hugs Video (.wmv)


The “Mom” Song (.wmv)

The “12 Days” song (youtube)

Tale of Two Brains: Men vs. Women (.wmv)

The Invisible Woman-Mother (.doc)

The Invisible Woman-Mother

The Invisible Woman-Mother (video)

Dog Logic (.pdf)

To Your Health!


Self Awareness

   MKHQ Letter - Cancer Awareness

   Breast Cancer - Paget's Disease

   Breast Self-Exam - Shower Card

   Mammograms are Fun

   Pink Ribbon Story


   Chemo Brain - Where's My Remote

   Look Your Best - Chemotherapy Tips

   Pat's Makeover Event -  Flier for Chemo Patients


  What Cancer Can NOT Do

   Pat's Letter to Cancer Patient

   Things to do for cancer families

Pat’s Story

  Pat's Faxes to MKHQ

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   Pat Attends 4 Career Conferences.jpg

   Mary Kay & Pat After 6 Months of Chemo

   and 7 Weeks of Daily Radiation.jpg


   A Leukemia Journey - Tina Sierra (.pdf)

You Can Do It!